We take responsibility.
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We take responsibility.

Responsible entrepreneurship

At Strähle, we are aware of the particular responsibility required of companies. As a family business which is now being run in its fourth generation, we are aware of the footprint we leave and that continuity is closely linked to sustainable company management.


What is sustainability?

Although the word "sustainability" is often perceived as the latest buzzword, it has a long history. The development of this history often dates back to disasters concerning the use of nature. Confucius described the fundamentals of sustainability around 500 B.C. He advised his fellow men to limit themselves to essentials due to the limited supply of natural resources. The term German term for sustainability is "Nachhaltigkeit" and was coined by Hans Carl von Carlowitz. In 1713, he talked about sustainable forestry operations, proposing that a new tree be planted for every tree felled. Today's definition is based on three pillars: ecology, economy and social responsibility. These three pillars are closely related and interact with one other. Sustainability occurs when ecology, economy and social responsibility are in balance.

Why sustainability?

Ecology: the aim of ecology is the conservation of nature, raw materials and resources. Future generations should find the same ecological quality as today's generation.


Economy: to ensure a sustainable economy, constant economic growth is necessary as well as taking into account entire life cycles. For example, it is not enough just to evaluate the acquisition costs.


Social responsibility: a decisive aspect with regard to social responsibility is, for example, the prohibition of human trafficking, child labour etc. Furthermore, the health of fellow human beings naturally takes precedence. This means that not only the usage of non-hazardous materials, but also assistance for persons with personal restrictions should be taken into account. In addition, attention should be paid to the importance of light, temperature, fresh air, noise and other influences on the building's occupants.

Major building certification systems in german-speaking areas.


  • Certification systems for buildings and districts in Germany
  • Founded in 2007
  • Focus on the entire life cycle
  • Definition of sustainability based on the three-pillar model is supplemented by the aspects: technical quality, process quality, location quality
  • Approx. 1000 certified projects (status as at: 05/2016)



  • Certification system for buildings
  • Primary focus on ecology and energy efficiency
  • Founded in 1998
  • Approx. 15,000 certified projects (status as at 2013)



  • Certification system for buildings
  • Focus on building construction, building operations, usage
  • Founded in 1990
  • Approx. 250,000 certified projects (status as at 06/2016; Wikipedia)


HafenCity Ecolabel 

  • Certification system for buildings
  • Focus on energy resources, public goods, environmentally-friendly building products, health and comfort, as well as on building operations
  • Founded in 2007

What do Strähle partition wall system contribute to this?

  • Excellent conversion capability and re-usability
  • High-grade materials which are extremely long-lasting
  • Easily separable materials (dismantling, recycling)
  • Materials can be recycled after use   
  • Harmless main material types: glass, aluminium, steel, wood-based materials


Individual project management 

Each project is unique and individual. A Strähle-internal specialist is at your disposal to ensure that project-specific requirements and criteria are met when selecting materials.


Air View, Düsseldorf – DGNB
Allianz Campus, Unterföhring – DGNB
Ambigon, Munich – DGNB
AOK, Berlin – DGNB
APO Bank, Düsseldorf – DGNB
Arabeska, Munich – DGNB
Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen – DGNB
Coca-Cola, Berlin – LEED
DGNB Zentrale, Stuttgart – DGNB
GIZ, Eschborn – DGNB
ICACE Premier Haus 1, München – DGNB
Kö Bogen, Düsseldorf – LEED
Lanxess, Cologne – DGNB
Poseidonhaus, Frankfurt – LEED
Roche, Mannheim – DGNB

Silvertower, Frankfurt – DGNB
Spiegel Verlag, Hamburg – HafenCity
Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich – LEED
ThyssenKrupp, Essen – DGNB
Total Tower, Berlin – DGNB
Triton Haus, Frankfurt – DGNB
Vodafone Campus, Düsseldorf – LEED
Züblin, Stuttgart – DGNB
Heinemann, Hamburg – HafenCity
Mathematikon Uni Heidelberg, Heidelberg – DGNB
Diamant Software Bielefeld – DGNB
Kulturpark Wiesbaden – DGNB
KVH Frankfurt – LEED
Maintor Panorama, Frankfurt  – DGNB
Kreissparkasse Esslingen – DGNB

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