Kubus I

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Kubus I

Product information

Room-in-room system with double glazing

The Kubus II room-in-room system meets the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. The reduced design with filigree visible widths and flush-fit glazing on the outside enable easy integration into a range of different office space concepts. Excellent sound insulation values thanks to double glazing ensure a working environment for high concentration. Kubus II Plus was awarded the Architecture + Office innovation prize thanks to its perfect combination of design, functionality, quality and technology.

Technical Data

  • Design: Modular room-in-room system with double glazing
  • Dimensions:
    - Length: 2684 / 3934 mm
    - Grid dimension for glazed elements: 1250 mm
    - Width: 2750 mm
    - Height: 2530 mm
  • Doors: Aluminium frame doors 40 mm
  • Building technology: Lights, electric power points and DV ports, speakers, sprinklers, fire and motion detectors can all be optionally integrated.

  • Kubus II ventilation 
    - Steplessly adjustable comfort mode up to 150 m³/h
    - Maximum performance of 210 m³/h (intensive airing)
    - Low noise output
    - Energy-saving operation

  • Kubus II C – ventilation and cooling
    - Cooling convector integrated into the sideboard: Comfort mode up to approx. 700 watts, reserve of up to 1300 watts

  • Kubus II Plus – ventilation and self-contained cooling
    - Self-contained electrical cooling element as a plug & play solution

Sound insulation

  • 10 mm ESG: Dn,T,w = 28 dB (equivalent R’w von ca. 34 dB)
  • 16 mm VSG: Dn,T,w = 32 dB (equivalent R’w von ca. 39 dB)

Fire protection



  • Very good reusability and recyclability
  • Materials can be easily separated (disassembly, recycling)
  • Materials can be recycled after the use phase

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Technical Details




L: 3.934 mm (3 Modules)/ B: 2.750 mm/ H: 2.530 mm


Double glazing, 6 and 8 mm ESG


40 mm aluminium frame with 12 mm VSG-SI

Sound Isolation

Dn,T,w = 36 dB (equivalent to R’w of approx. 42 dB)


Micro-perforated ceiling panels and micro-perforated wall absorbers, low reverberation times of < 0.5 s over the entire frequency range


Ventilation and air extraction device integrated into the system ceiling, output in comfort mode up to 150 m³/h, intensive ventilation up to 210 m³/h


Wall panel for affixing screens, optional sideboard providing storage space with integrated power points


LED pendant light with direct and indirect light distribution

Standard version

Type A: Lighting + ventilation. On/off control via presence detector.

Optional equipment

Type B: Lighting + ventilation. On/off and ventilation control via touch display, automatic mode via presence detector.

Kubus I Team (up to 4 persons) Layout
Kubus I Meeting (up to 6 persons) Layout

Case studies


Kubus I/II

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