Fire protection

Certified fire protection and a high-quality appearance.
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Fire protection.

Certified fire protection and a high-quality appearance


Fire protection is an important part of building planning. Strähle gives comprehensive advice to planners and architects on purpose- based implementation. The system walls from Strähle fulfil both German and European fire safety specifications.

Systems 2000 and 2300 combine fire protection and high aesthetic standards. They were tested and certified by the appropriate institutes. Our system walls are, if required, available in the fire-resistant version in conformance with fire retardance class F 30. In the solid wall version, System 2000 can also fulfil the requirements of fire resistance class F 90.

The flush bonded door SG 100 fulfils the requirements of RS-1 and RS-2 smoke protection, and also the requirements of fire protection fittings (FSA). It is available as a single-leaf or double- leaf door. Together with the glass partition wall of System 2300, it provides transparent aesthetics with reliable fire and smoke protection. The other fire protection relevant system elements also fit smoothly into the uniform design of Strähle partition walls.

Fulfilling fire protection specifications


We show architects and planners how they can fulfil fire protection standards using our systems. How can which connection situation be carried out? Strähle has tested and approved many partition systems and connection combinations. Strähle can provide necessary tender texts, test certificates and building inspectorate documents.

Fire protection elements


non-load-bearing inner walls, stop the spread of flames, heat and smoke. There is a distinction between fire retardant F30 and F90 fire-resistant walls. For example, in F30 fire-resistance rating, the room must stay closed for at least 30 minutes and the rise in temperature on the side away from the fire must not exceed 180 K.

Fire resistance fittings (FSA) / fire protection doors


are closures of openings in fire-retarding or fire-resistant walls and in fire walls. The task of a fire resistance fitting is to stop a fire, or at least to hinder its spread for a specific time. The distinction is made between fire resistance ratings T30, T90 and T120. Fire resistance fittings must by definition be self-closing (door closers).

Fire resistant ratings


System 2000    Solid wall F 30/F 90

System 2000    Central glazing F 30

System 2000    Flush-fronted glazing F 30

System 2300    Flush-bonded glazing F 30

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