An insurance company in Graz, Austria

As part of a general remodel, a key insurance institution opted for Inside room systems by Strähle.

“After some 43 years, we are redesigning our facility in Graz to be more in line with the modern working world so we can better meet the needs of our 115,000 policyholders in the region of Styria. Our newly remodelled regional office will offer a modern client zone and even higher quality service. Crucially, it will also create an attractive workplace environment for our employees.”


The company opted for an open plan design for its new offices to facilitate communication, with designated spaces provided for quiet and discretion. The double-glazed System 2000 combined ideally with the single-glazed Glasline system to bring the client’s vision to life. Offering 50 dB+ acoustic insulation, System 2000 ensures confidentiality and discretion while maintaining a high degree of transparency. 

The Glasline system was used in the common areas. Designed without vertical mullions, this versatile, single-glazed all-glass system is a cost-effective choice when maximum transparency is called for. Its elegant look and quick installation times make it a popular choice. 

Builder Insurance company
Photograph Erwin Scheffstoß
Partition wall 2000, 3400 Glasline
Door systems solid doors

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