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Axel Springer

The Axel-Springer-Neubau construction's out-of-the-ordinary architectural design represents the future of working in a digital publishing house. With 10,000 m² of floorspace, the building has a total of 13 floors and offers space for around 3500 employees. Draughted by Rem Koolhaas (OMA), this new build project provides the most modern of office and conference spaces, not to mention restaurants, TV studios and a newsroom for the WELT news channel, plus a number of meeting spaces which promote spontaneous communication and informal exchanges between colleagues. A highlight inside the building is the 45-metre-high atrium which features terraces and bridges that connect different parts of the building. The new working worlds of Axel-Springer follow the New Work philosophy and are guided by three principles: "human", "space" and "technology".


Glass partition walls from Strähle are used both in the atrium and in all office areas. Flooded with light, the atrium is secured by means of anti-fall glass walls and ensures some pretty spectacular views out onto the striking façade of the building. Depending on noise insulation requirements, the all-glass walls of the System 3400 and System 3500 are available with either single or double glazing. With no vertical profiles, both systems offer maximum transparency and their design has been minimalistically reduced. In the office areas, various room types were created in order to ensure flexible use in the long term.


Full doors with a range of wooden surfaces as well as different glass door variants were combined in accordance with the respective design and noise insulation requirements. Some of these also feature integral flow ducts. For the Axel-Springer-Neubau project, Strähle planned, manufactured and installed a total of 8000 m² of glass partition walls, around 280 doors and more than 1500 m² of wall absorbers to improve acoustics.  

Builder Axel Springer SE
Architect Rem Koolhaas (OMA)
Photography Huber Fotodesign
Partition systems 3400, 3500, 2000
Door systems solid door, aluminium framed door
Acoustic systems wall-mounted absorber

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